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Full fit touch screen - how to eliminate air bubbles?

Viewed: 121 Date: 2023-08-09

Today, I will share with you how we usually display the full fit of the touch screen. Our touch screen manufacturers are currently using a jig to fit. Prepare our touch screen and LCD screen jig. The thing is in place for a long time, but it is ready to fit. It is necessary to pay attention to the fit of the workshop environment. It is necessary to fit dust and stains in the dust-free workshop equipped with FFU. We cannot see it with the naked eye. In many cases, it is only found when the fit is vacuum defoamed and inspected. There are stains, hairs, etc.

Before fitting, our display screen and touch screen must be tested. There is another touch screen that needs to be pasted with a layer of hot-melt glue before the display is put on the line. After pasting, it is directly torn off before the display is fitted. After the protective film is aligned and placed in the fixture, the center of the LCD screen is aligned and placed, and then placed in the vacuum machine to set the relative pressure and temperature parameters for vacuum pressing.

There are some bubbles in the display touch screen that is pressed by vacuum. We also need to defoaming to eliminate the bubbles. Different products or thicknesses have different defoaming parameters or defoaming parameters each time.

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