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        JK brand series-JK SOFT OLED

"JK" is a major product brand under the headquarters of Jiangxi Kelai Electronic Co., Ltd. JK have agents and partners from various countries around the world. With three factories in China ShenZhen,HuiZhou,JiangXi, we specialize in the production of smart display products for both Apple and Android series.


The products of the JK-SOFT OLED series are the core and hot products of the high-end line of the JK brand. They have flexible screen characteristics, making mobile phones lighter, more creative in design, and providing thinner, more saturated colors and contrast. JK-SOFT OLED has an innovative design and appearance, and its flexible screen characteristics are relatively more impact-resistant, reducing the risk of screen breakage and lower after-sales repair rates.

(1) Flexible design: The use of flexible screen technology makes mobile phone design more flexible, and can adopt curved screen or folding screen designs.

(2) High contrast and bright colors: JK-SOFT OLED technology provides deep black, high contrast, and higher saturation colors, providing a more vivid visual experience.

(3) Thin and portable: Flexible screens are usually thinner and lighter and are suitable for mobile phone designs that pursue lightweight and fashionable designs.

(4) Innovative design: Allows mobile phones to adopt folding or curling designs, bringing users novel interactive experiences and design styles.

For smartphone manufacturers
Provide a full range of integrated touch display solutions
Full Size
  • JK-OLED XS Max
  • JK MS-HD X
  • JK MS-HD 11ProMax
  • JK MS-HD 11Pro
  • JK MS-HD XS Max
  • JK MS-HD X11
  • JK-OLED14
  • JK-OLED 13
  • JK-OLED 12ProMax
  • JK OLED 11ProMax
  • JK-X
  • JK-OLED 12/12Pro
  • JK-14
  • JK-13
  • JK-12Pro Max
  • JK-12/12Pro
  • JK-11Pro Max
  • JK-11pro
  • JK-X11 /11
  • JK-XS Max
  • JK-XR
  • JK-XS
    Products are exported to all over the world
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