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LCD vs Micro LED - Which is more worth the investment

Viewed: 131 Date: 2023-08-09

LCD or Micro LED, which is more worth investing in? -Shenzhen Huazhijing_Industrial Display_Touch Screen Manufacturer

1. LCD

To explain the matter of these screens, we have to start with the LCD screen. The LCD panel industry is becoming more and more unprofitable now. Samsung and LG Display have drastically cut their LCD production lines, and Panasonic has simply withdrawn from the LCD field. (The most outdated screen, but it is my favorite screen, purely a personal hobby.) Let's briefly talk about how LCD works.

How LCD works:

Below the LCD layer is the backlight, which emits white light. The upper layer is a polarizing layer with alternating RGB. Control the pass rate of RGB three-color light by adjusting the polarized light.

2. LED

Speaking of the backlight, we can then talk about the LED screen. The biggest difference between him and the LCD is the backlight. The LCD uses cold cathode fluorescent tubes, as shown on the left side of the picture below, it seems that there are many fluorescent lamps installed. The LED screen uses LEDs encapsulated on the PCB one by one as the backlight (now industrial displays also have glass backplanes).

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