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Sunlight readable TFT LCD display

Viewed: 120 Date: 2023-08-09

As the most popular display, high-brightness liquid crystal displays are increasingly being chosen by people.

Why do more and more people want to choose high brightness monitors? Let's move on.

Sunlight readable displays allow us to see clear, sharp images or videos even in direct sunlight.

Most LCD screens can only provide 150 to 300nits of brightness.

But in outdoor or bright conditions, it is important to increase the brightness of the display to ensure a clear image.

Most TFT displays use transmissive polarizers, which do not perform well in direct sunlight.

And usually we use 2 common methods to make the display readable in direct sunlight.

1. Block out the sun

In this way, we will increase the brightness of the display to between 700 nits and 1000 nits to overwhelm the brightness of the sun.

PS: The brightness of the Iphone is about 400 nits.

However, the ultra-bright backlight also has some drawbacks.

1. The brighter the backlight, the shorter the battery life.

2. It will shorten the half-life of the LED.

Half-life refers to the time, in hours, before the brightness of an LED reaches half of when it was just turned on. Many LEDs have a half-life of 70K hours if driven at normal current. Overdriven LEDs can reduce half-life to 20K hours or less.

3. Brighter backlights generate more heat and may shorten the life of the monitor.

2. The relationship between the semi-reflective polarizer and the sun

Semi-reflective polarizers reflect a large percentage of sunlight and greatly reduce erosion caused by sunlight.

Over the years, transflective liquid crystal displays have become increasingly popular. Since costs are falling, more people are now choosing this type of display for applications that require sunlight readability. Even though it still costs more than transmissive displays, the gap is closing.

Many applications such as industrial, medical and marine electronics require sunlight readability. This makes the market grow day by day. If you are looking for a high brightness display for your project, we can make it for you.

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