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"JK" is a major product brand under the headquarters of Jiangxi Kelai Electronic Co., Ltd. JK have agents and partners from various countries around the world. With three factories in China ShenZhen,HuiZhou,JiangXi, we specialize in the production of smart display products for both Apple and Android series.


The products of the JK FHD series are a sub-brand of the JK brand for mid-to-high-end customer groups. The JK FHD series has high resolution, clearer and more delicate images, a high color gamut, high saturation, and an original 1:1 display effect. Overall, the JK FHD series screens provide users with a higher-quality screen experience by providing higher resolution and better visual effects.

(1) High resolution: Provides high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is delicate and clear, suitable for high-quality images and video playback.

(2) Excellent visual experience: JK FHD screen produces more delicate images, provides users with an excellent look and feel, and is suitable for high-demand entertainment and gaming experiences.

(3) Standardized and widely used: JK FHD has become one of the standards for mobile phone screens. Many high-end and mid-range mobile phones adopt this resolution to ensure compatibility of applications and media.

For smartphone manufacturers
Provide a full range of integrated touch display solutions
Full Size
  • JK-OLED XS Max
  • JK MS-HD X
  • JK MS-HD 11ProMax
  • JK MS-HD 11Pro
  • JK MS-HD XS Max
  • JK MS-HD X11
  • JK-OLED14
  • JK-OLED 13
  • JK-OLED 12ProMax
  • JK OLED 11ProMax
  • JK-X
  • JK-OLED 12/12Pro
  • JK-14
  • JK-13
  • JK-12Pro Max
  • JK-12/12Pro
  • JK-11Pro Max
  • JK-11pro
  • JK-X11 /11
  • JK-XS Max
  • JK-XR
  • JK-XS
Products are exported to all over the world
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